About the Project

The Nu Guide is an essentials music chart that aims to put a spotlight on the most innovative and original albums of vaporwave; those that bring something new to the table in a genre wrongfully labeled as "lazy" or "a joke" due to its accessibility. Vaporwave is an internet-born genre that mostly revolves around heavy sampling and re-contextualization of old media in music. Beside a focus on 80s - 90s aesthetics and their use to induce a hazy feeling of nostalgia on the listener.

This chart covers releases from the era 2014 - 2016, as it was made to be a successor to the Ultra Guide — the first definitive vaporwave chart (2010 - 2014). But instead of having as much albums as possible, the Nu focuses only on a select few releases that are the best of the best, while representing all musical styles and subgenres that vaporwave has to offer.
If you're new to vaporwave, check out the Ultra first as it includes all the early albums that initiated the genre.

The included albums in the Nu Guide were released from as early as mid 2014 till the date of the guide completion in late 2016.
Album suggestions were collected from:

The total number of albums and labels that were voted on by the community is 160 and 50 respectively, the Nu Guide has only 100 and 10.
You can check all of these over here.

— NUVPR (Nu Vapor)